When should I use storage during a move?

When should I use storage during a move?

When kids have flown from the nest, some people choose to downsize. Though some may decide to buy a smaller property as they are left without a mortgage. If you are moving from a large home to somewhere a little cozier you may be wondering what to do with all your belongings. There are a lot of storage solutions that will make your life a little easier. 

  1. Self-storage units 

It is worth hiring a storage unit, if you can’t fit all your clothes, furniture, prized possessions, gym equipment or electrical gadgets into your home. It is very easy to rent self-storage with an array of spacious and well-priced facilities available.  

  1. Rent an empty garage. 

Until you have sorted your property out, you can look for empty garages that are available to rent. Make use of this space to store your possessions while downsizing your home.  

  1. Consider built ins. 

Furniture such as sofas and beds with built-in draws could be ideal if you want to downsize your home and make space. For storing bulky items, not only they provide much needed space but also store bulky items like shoes and bed covers. They will make sure everything stays neat and tidy.   

  1. Consider built ins. 

Furniture such as sofas and beds with built-in drawers could be ideal, if you are planning to downsize. They will make sure that everything stays neat and tidy as they not only provide much-needed room to store bulky items like shoes and bed covers but also helps to minimize the mess at your home.  

  1. Opt for vertical furniture. 

Vertical furniture is suitable for a smaller home as it takes up minimal floor space. Display cabinets, Tall and Narrow bookshelves can be pushed right against the wall. Without taking up too much room, it can be used to organize the room and will keep your items safe.  

  1. Stackable boxes 

Opt for stackable boxes, if you have got hundreds of toy cars that need to be contained or office stationery that needs to be stashed away. They can also tower on top of one another meaning they won’t get in the way while offering plenty of storage space.  

  1. Use dead space. 

You have probably got far more storage space in your new home than you first thought. Its beneficial to use this already available space. Use dead space areas differently than you might think. It is better to get a place to pop a cabinet or shelves somewhere.  

  1. Opt for shelves. 

Shelves can be placed in almost any room and are the perfect way to display important items. Do not waste the storage space under your stairs. The space underneath can be transformed into a quirky and useful storage area with a careful planning. For example, slide out coat racks and shoe bins that are ideal or you may decide to build in a display cabinet or a bottle holder. You have to be a little creative as the options are endless.  

  1. Desks with lids 

Desks with lids are ideal as they provide a bit of extra room to keep your important files, stationery, and notes there. Swivel chairs that come with under seat storage also works well and will save a lot of mess.   


Accumulation of a lot of unnecessary things can mess up your home and will give a wrong impression to your guests. It can even cause you stress. So, clear this mess and make space while putting your possessions at a safe place.  

These are some of the options that you can exercise if you want to downsize your home. Select from these as which option suits you better. You can also place your valuable belongings at a storage unit while freeing yourself from the hassle of living in a cluttered home.  


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