8 best self-storage tips you need to know in 2021

Are you looking for some self-storage tips, then you have landed at the right spot. By reading this blog, your storage experience will be made easier for you. It will cover useful tips on self-storage guide. You will find the best storage tips on how to find a storage solution for yourself.  

What exactly is a self-storage? 

Self-Storage units are usually rented for some time (can be rented for a longer period too). They are normally Rooms, Lockers, Containers, or an Outdoor space. Self-storage tenants are usually Individuals and Businesses.  

Self-storage includes all the items that you want to store and don’t temporarily need or use. To keep these items safe, you rent storage space. There are many storage facilities in big cities like UK.  

Define properly the type of items that you want to store. 

Firstly, you need to define what type of items you need to store in the self-storage. It can be garden tools or furniture that you no longer use.  

You would need to make a list of items that you want to store. The reason for that is different items require different storage units. So, you would want to know want kind of storage unit to look for that suits your items that need to be stored. 

Be sure that you know the nature of the items that you want to store. 

Before putting your items in a self-storage, always check the level of humidity. You may need to consider a climate-controlled storage unit for that purpose. Items that are stored at a certain temperature like clothes or books should be assessed properly before putting them in the storage unit.   

When self-storing, keep in mind that certain items are prohibited: 

  • Liquids and chemicals including flammable, damaging or explosive goods. 
  • Pollutants that are likely to cause contamination. 
  • Living or dead birds, animals, reptiles, fish, plants or any other living organism. 
  • Including frozen or perishable food all the perishable items or the ones requiring a controlled environment.  
  • Watches, Jewelry, ivory, stamps, precious metals or precious stones. 
  • Furs, Antiques, fine arts (or collections of a similar kind) or mobile phones. 
  • Cigars, cigarettes, perfumery, tobacco, wines, beers, sprits and the like.  
  • Illegal or stolen goods, drugs, pornographic material. 
  • Money, bullions, deeds, bonds, coins, securities, cash or negotiable instruments and the like. 

Choose a self-storage company wisely. 

Always choose the self-storage company wisely and go for the one that provides an excellent storage experience.  

Here are some important points to keep in mind while choosing a storage company: 

Self-storage cost: What does it cover and what is the total cost? 

Storage facilities: Are they secured, what are the facilities, do they provide 24/7 surveillance? 

Storage units: What are the types and unit sizes? 

Discounts: Are they giving discounts if you are storing more items in there? 

Storage Insurance: What is the insurance policy? Is the insurance included in the price?   

Buy all the necessary packing materials 

You will get all the necessary packing materials, including: 

  • Storage boxes, 
  • Bubble wrap, 
  • Dust sheets. 

While storing your items, it is recommended that you DONOT use plastic bags in the storage unit. They can’t keep humidity outside and lack in protecting your items.  

Use the same size of stack boxes. 

One size of storage boxes should be used while putting your belongings in storage units.  

It will help in organizing and stacking your storage boxes inside the storage unit will be more comfortable. 

Moreover, you don’t want your storage unit to look like a mess.  

Don’t place all heavy items together. 

Many people come up with heavy boxes and tend to stack heavier items together.  

Don’t make boxes that are too light and the ones that are too heavy. Make a mixture of heavy and light items so that each box has the same weight.  

Don’t use every inch of space available in the storage unit.  

You should not be using every inch of space in your storage unit. It is best if you don’t consume every inch of space in your storage unit.  

It is recommended for two main reasons: 

  • You would be able to walk through the stacked boxes. 
  • For your future storage needs, you must leave some space for yourself.  

In the future, you may need some more storage. Make use of this already available space and do not rent a new storage unit.  


Selecting a self-storage is quite a technical thing. Always do your homework before selecting a storage unit. Go for the one that is providing you maximum benefits in minimum rent. Keep the above-mentioned tips in mind while selecting a self-storage unit for yourself.  


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