How collectors can benefit from Self-storage in stoke?

Collecting is one of the most common hobbies. In the UK alone, a third of the people are collectors of something. For some of us, it is stamped, for others, it is vinyl records and record players. Collecting books is also a very common hobby, more so than reading books that we collect. It’s a little pleasure in life!

Collecting is a tricky hobby. There is very little that sets you apart from becoming a hoarder. The collectables are often collecting dust in shelves in our houses. Rows of limited-edition dolls, magazines and Hermes bags. What do all these things have in common? They are not regular use items. They are either for display only and or are used on special occasions. Often, they are expensive or of high sentimental value. They are most definitely something you leave lying around. 

Do we encourage collecting as a hobby?

Definitely! We are all passionate about something. If you are not, you should be. The pages of Guinness world record books are filled with the achievements of such people. If it is something you truly enjoy you should go for it. Having interest and hobbies is what makes one interesting. 

So, whether it is applying to the Guinness book of world record challenges to set a record of your own or smash an existing one. whether it is starting your own Facebook page dedicated to the every day collecting adventures. Do whatever you prefer.  

What we do not encourage!

Collecting hobbies can be a problem when you are chronically running out of storage space and the house you are living in is storeroom for your collectables more than a place for you to rest and unwind. 

We encourage that you invest in the items such as small storage boxes that help organize and protect your collected items. If it stamps you are collecting invest in a photo album to preserve them. If you are collecting books, we encourage you to buy large bookshelves and spare a room where you do not get a lot of sunlight and moisture. If you are collecting purses and handbags that are expensive and have the risk of being stolen invest in a security and a display room. Wine collectors are known to get insurance on their warehouses which is also a helpful tip for anyone collecting rarities or expensive items. 

Self-Storage in Stoke

All the solutions mentioned above are costly and time-consuming solutions. Do all collectors have the budget and the space to make such arrangements? Highly doubt that! Self-storage is an affordable and quick solution to your collector’s dilemma. Self-storage facilities provide you with a storage unit with a variety of features that keep your personal belongings safe. 

Super Storage is a self-storage facility in stoke on Trent, the UK that provides cheap self-storage units. You can get a storage unit for a long or short term. We provide all the facilitates that you may need as a collector such as security, 24/7 access, temperature control and packing essentials. We also help you transport your belongings safely to our storage unit which means you do not have to worry about your belongings getting damaged. You can also get your belongings insured on top of everything else.  


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